Helping Entrepreneurs Turn Ambition Into Achievement

6boro Social

Helping Entrepreneurs Turn Ambition Into Achievement

At 6boro Social, we build stories that sell. To do that we provide the following services: 

Content + Community

We create content that converts for ALL social media platforms. By evaluating the landscape of YOUR desired audience, we determine the best ways to engage them on each individual social platform. We embed your brand in their conversations, making your brand something they engage with each and every day. 


Video. Images. Branding.

We tell the story of your brand through the lens of a camera. We determine the best way for you to put your digital foot forward and produce campaigns that convert. From Instagram stories to video marketing campaigns to lifestyle photos, we develop the assets that take your brand to the next level and help you reach new customers who are poised to make a purchase or use your services. 

Strategic Partnerships

We help you partner with the right brands, people and locations for your business objectives. We manage giveaways, influencer engagement campaigns and more — every town has individuals who drive the conversation — let us identify them and help them bring their audience in to purchase from you. 


After careful consideration of the unique landscape for YOUR business, we tie it all together with a 90-day strategy that focuses on your core business values and objectives. This also includes consideration for an ad budget, how to spend those dollars wisely and how to make sure that you’re getting the highest ROI (return on investment) possible for all of your social and digital marketing efforts. 

Want more clients? Get more sales? And build an audience that converts? Let’s talk. 


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Every person has a unique take on their industry — and with social media, the ability to monetize it.
— Vix Reitano, Founder + CEO