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Social Media Marketing is for every, single business. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to change your fortunes. One post, one photo, one positive review and be the difference between success and failure. 

And we’re here to make sure YOU succeed. 

Our History

6boro Social is a social media and digital marketing agency with storytelling at its core. 

Founded by a journalist and producer, 6boro Social believes in storytelling that sells. Victoria “Vix” Reitano launched her first digital agency in 2015 and focused on building brand stories for entrepreneurs, small businesses and influencers. The results were phenomenal — not only did she launch the company as a six-figure company in six weeks, she also helped her clients: 

  • Get verified on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in a matter of hours

  • Increase their audiences over 200% in four short weeks

  • Build traffic funnels through Pinterest and Google Adwords that continue to deliver traffic years later

  • Earn 65% more leads via paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at 75% less cost per lead than the competition in 48-hours

Reitano believes in quality results, fast. She has creative solutions for your common digital marketing stumbling blocks and focuses on explaining every, single solution so that you understand the how, why and when of building your digital identity. 

The method developed by Vix and her team was forged during her time as a Digital Producer at ABC, NBC and Telepictures — she even used Twitter to get herself on the TODAY show at 23 years old! The agency has worked on campaigns for the Education Commission out of The United Nations, This Old House magazine, Link AKC a smart collar for dogs developed in partnership with the American Kennel Club and Emmy-award winning journalist Asha Blake

You can learn more about 6boro Social on Instagram at @6borosocial or email to setup a free consult. 


The Team



Vix Reitano

Victoria Reitano has over 10 years of experience establishing, building and maintaining digital brands with highly engaged audiences that convert followers to clients. 

In 2015, she founded CreatiVix Media to serve entrepreneurs, Emmy-award winning talent, e-commerce brands and provide services for international campaigns. 

Reitano launched CreatiVix Media as a six-figure business in six weeks by leveraging her own digital brand presence, expertise from her time at ABC, NBC and Telepictures, and her extensive New York City-based network. 

In her first year, she increased her revenue by over 20% and in her second year, she exceeded the first year’s total revenue within the first six months. 

In 2018, her third year in business, Reitano, after careful evaluation of the digital marketing landscape has decided to bring her knowledge to help local businesses in New Jersey, which is also her new home. Her goal is to bring her key learnings to help local businesses in growing cities like Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark and Montclair. 

Reitano has managed digital campaigns for Emmy-award winning talent like Meredith Vieira and Asha Blake, voiced the digital brand for The United Nations’ project, the Education Commission and its’ ambassadors; and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners create digital brand strategies that tell their story, convert their followers to clients and help them build a strong foundation for years to come.

You can learn more about her on Twitter @vixinthecity and Instagram and Facebook Connect with her on LinkedIn to discuss new business opportunities and collaborations. 

You can reach Vix at 



Managing Partner, Director of Accounts

Xavier Lopez

A Hudson County native, Xavier brings over a decade of experience in hospitality, sales and business development to 6boro Social. As the Director of Accounts, he manages all client relations and ensures that you’re getting the quality of service 6boro is known for. He also focuses on brand development, management and curation.

You can reach Xavier at