Client Care Support Process

We believe in supporting our clients every step of the way. That’s why we’ve invested in tools, processes and a well-established system of checks and balances to ensure that we are providing you with the best support possible at every stage of your growth.

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Client Dashboard, Powered by


Get the email from Pastel and accept the invitation! It’s all automated so once our Creative Content Lead puts you into the system, this management + support doesn’t come out of your monthly block of hours, saving you time and money by using your hours for the work we do best - content, strategy + execution.

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Set your password and BOOM, you’re in! Quick and simple.

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A dashboard that outlines your entire project and can be shared with your whole team. We give everyone access - no extra fees for extra team members. Community is built on trust and transparency is a huge part of that.


A weekly email sent directly to you outlining the work, the progress and who did what on a daily basis.


Change the settings, edit when you get your weekly report and change your password.

All client-managed to save your hours for the important stuff.

Client Content Dashboard, Powered by Hey, Orca


Your Creative Content Lead will send your Universal Access Link once we have your first week of content ready for review ahead of our kick-off call! Select your name and boom, you’re in. Sending it to another team member? All they have to do is request access and they’re in in a flash. Again, all automated to save your monthly bucket of hours for the important business of building your brand!



Next, you’re taken to the calendar.

Yellow = waiting for your approval
Green = you’ve approved
Red = rejected

Every round of content (delivered once a week on Wednesday or Thursday), gets ONE round of revisions included in your contract.


You’ll get to see all of the posts mocked up as they’ll look on Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Personal or a LinkedIn Business page, depending on what your package includes. Best of all? Your Universal Approval Link is always live to allow you to refer back to the calendar and see the exact posts once they’re live.

We are so appreciative of our client @susanverde for letting us use her content as an example. Give her a follow as a thank you! #6boroSlay

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