Creative Consulting

Not sure if monthly management is right for you? We’re pleased to offer strategic consulting packages for design, content, strategy and media buying with our Founder, 6boro Studios Co-Founder and our VP of Strategy and Innovation. Together, these three bring over three decades of experience in the content creation, strategy and marketing space to you. 

Best of all? They start at $97 per month!

Creative consulting


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Founder + CEO + Chief Creative Officer


Creative Director + 6boro Studios Co-Founder


VP Strategy + Innovation

Together, we have over three decades of experience in an industry that is constantly evolving. With it, we have evolved and that’s how you win.

When digital marketing began, it was all about display ads. Display ads are still used by some brands and in some industries but the options today are TRULY limitless and we’ve been here from the beginning. We live, breathe and play in the digital space. We have build brands, digital communities and used our own brands to build six-figure companies in six weeks.

And now? You can work with one (or more!) of us for as little as $97 per month. 

That’s right, if you want to email with our Founder + Chief Creative Officer, our 6boro Studios Co-Founder + Creative Director, or our VP of Strategy + Innovation, you can have an unlimited email agreement for $97 per month. Ask questions, share ideas and build a strategy while getting the feedback you’re craving. We’re better than Google because we’ve spent our careers telling Google what to look for. 

And if you want 2 calls a month with your unlimited email? It’s just $197 per month for one Creative Consultant. 

But what if you’re ready to really take your brand into overdrive? Then you can focus on two areas with one call with a design-focused consultant and one call with a content-focused consultant. That’s only $297 per month.

The areas of focus can include any of the following: 

  • Design Consultations

  • Content Strategy Consultation

  • Branded Content Consultations

  • Social Media Strategy Consultation

  • Instagram for Business Consultations

  • Paid Media (Facebook, Instagram Ads) Consultation

  • Media Buying Consultations

    These intro deals won’t last for long so take the opportunity to get your annual plans in place now! 

Creative Consult Package Options