The Facts + Stats


What is Conversion?

It means many things to many people, but in the end? It always means sales.

A quality conversion can be an email lead. A quality conversion can be new followers. A quality conversion can be a click to your website from an organic post or a paid ad.

Conversions come in many forms but at the end of it all, conversion is getting a prospective customer or followers to DO something.



Of all traffic comes from mobile devices


Of all purchases are made because of Influencer suggestions


Of consumers don’t trust Influencers… but still convert



Which Conversions Matter for My Business?

That all depends on your long- and short- term goals.

Followers always equal sales but, very rarely, do they equal 1:1 sales. Followers are necessary for brand awareness, credibility and increasing your ability to go after brand collaborations but overall? ALL conversions matter for your business. That’s why, at 6boro Social, we take a phased approach.  


Real Data from 6boro Social Clients

Instagram Engagement + Growth

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 6.52.51 PM.png

Facebook Page Engagement

Link AKC Post Reach increase 54%.png


The results speak for themselves… but Marketing is only ONE tool in your sales toolbox

As you can see from the two graphs above, our clients enjoy huge amounts of traffic + growth on a weekly basis. And, best of all? They enjoy large sales as well.

One client earned $10,000 in sales in one day from our Black Friday campaigns. Another earned $6,000 in sales in one day from a similar campaign. We focus on determining the best strategy to achieve your goals and then make the recommendations needed to help you earn the conversions that matter most for your business.

What makes the sale a true cash-in-hand-deal? YOU!!

We review your materials, we talk about our recommendations, your vision and how we can bring the two together. But at the end of the day, sales depend on YOU having a clear understanding of what you, your business and your brand is all about. We do the work with you (check out Our Process for more!) but we can’t do it for you. Guidance, Collaboration, Support — that is what we provide. And if you want coaching? Work with our Founder 1:1 in one of her programs (available here).

To learn more about our philosophy, schedule a Free Discovery Call with one of our Strategic Sales Managers today!




As per this article from Fortune, GenX-ers are spending the most time on social media. That means your customer IS online. They are waiting for you to become part of their daily routine so that they can interact with you on a regular basis!

How Many Hours Per Week Do Adults Spend on Social Media?

As per Fortune, GenX spends an average of 30 hours per week on Social Media, with Millennials spending an average of 27 hours and those over 50 spending 20 hours per week. Your customers are online, and waiting for you to give them something to talk about.