Uncovering the Human Behind the Brand

6boro Social is a full-service creative digital agency providing branding, social media marketing, digital brand awareness, public relations, influencer marketing and brand collaborations management to brands, entrepreneurs and influencers.

We create strategic plans that find a creative solution for your pain points and provide you with clean, clear storylines to develop, and curate, content that converts your tribe into an engaged audience.

What the heck does all that mean in terms of my bank account?

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We are a Creative Collective - a group of individuals who have our own projects, our own style and our own ways of being creative who come together for the good of our clients AND ourselves. This is disruptive but it works. Just check out our case studies. And, for more with GIFs to illustrate our points, see our value prop here.

Our Value Proposition


Did you know that we can support your shoots in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, Miami and more? We don’t just believe that global communities convert locally, we provide the support to put it into action!


Respect Breeds Creativity

Creative Humans are the crazy ones, the ones who feel more than anyone else, who see the world in a colorful cacophony of lights, sounds and stories. Creatives need to be managed in a different way in order to produce quality work. And when they are not supported? They are not creative. This is what launched 6boro Social in 2015 — the desire to disrupt a dying industry that not only burns out creatives but turns out bad creative content in the process.


6boro Studios

6boro Studios is the content production house inside of 6boro Social. It is led by our Founder, Vix Reitano, and our Art Director, Juliana Barcia who have more than two decades of combined experience in the content creation industry.

Reitano and Barcia both come from television backgrounds providing our clients with a unique view of content; content designed to feel like a commercial, to feel like content they would see in magazines, on television and on billboards.

Here are some examples of photos styled, shot, produced and edited by the team:


Our Mission + Work


Our Founder, Vix Reitano, launched this company as a successful, profit-generating company in six weeks leveraging her own digital brand and continues to teach entrepreneurs how to use their voice to sell products, services AND curate collaborations + content that converts (learn more about her consulting services here).

We focus on rapid growth of quality communities and highly strategic campaigns that convert to sales, followers and increased brand awareness.

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Work with Us

Are you ready to have a digital brand that you’re proud of? Ready to have a following that showcases your true success and use your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel and website as the sales tools they’re meant to be?

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