Our Packages + Pricing

We believe in transparency — with our team and with our clients. These prices are subject to change and customized proposals are always available if your needs are different than any of the packages outlined here but we feel that putting pricing + packages on our site, in full view, gives you a sense of how to work with us.

All of these packages are based on the support of a team. The team for Package A includes a Creative Content Lead + a Content Producer. Packages B + C also include a Creative Director + Art Director to oversee the team and help with strategic direction. Learn more about our process in this detailed summary!

Please note: Quoted Price in the proposal submitted by 6boro Social to the prospective clients shall be binding for ten (10) days unless a contract is signed during that period. After ten (10) days, 6boro Social reserves the right to change the quoted proposal price. 

Are you a non-profit organization?

6boro Social is happy - and proud - to support community-building efforts for non-profit organizations nationwide. We believe that this is the greatest good marketing projects and campaigns can do — help the world find cures for diseases, raise money for organizations that support marginalized communities and help change the world one social media campaign at a time. To continue to support that, we provide 10% off any and all packages to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations that can provide the proper, legal documentation of such a distinction. We also waive all content licensing fees for the first year after the end of their contract term.

Digital Marketing Management

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