Our Process

6boro Social + Studios is unique in the HOW of what we do. Our business is built on the belief that there is a creative solution to every problem. Our Founder curated the foundation of our process through her career as a Journalist, Digital Producer + Content Creator at Time Inc, ABC, NBC and Telepictures. 

This process was used to launch campaigns that revitalized the digital brands for LIVE with Kelly and Michael, The Meredith Vieira Show, Masterclass, i smell great, the Education Commission of the United Nations, Hal Rubenstein (a founding Editor of InStyle Magazine), A Ross Girl (with Amanda Ross of Hearst), Christine Hassler and many, many others.

We have helped over 100 businesses build digital brands they are proud of -- since our founding in 2015! 

Our Founder knows how to spot a trend and how to create custom content for YOUR brand to connect with the trends and that’s where our process begins.

Our Process

Step One

The Discovery Call 

The Best Option for YOUR Goals

In our discovery call, you’ll speak with one of our team members to get an understanding of what your goals are, how quickly you’re hoping to launch your campaign and what the available resources are for this effort. Then, we will help you determine the best package for your needs, from consulting to creative content development, to video production and more.

Step Two

The Proposal 

Once you speak with a team member, we’ll deliver a proposal. It’ll be based on the conversation you had in your discovery call and will feature the scope of work that best fits your needs. Most times you’ll also have your own special tweak — that comes from our history of concierge service that is an important part of why you’re considering us in the first place! — and then you’ll have 10 days to look it over.  The proposal is valid for 10 days — after that point, we will revise it to fit into what we, as an Agency, can offer based on our schedule. Most times? There are no tweaks but it is important to remember that this world moves fast and we want to get started as soon as possible to deliver you the best creative for your brand.

Step Three

The On-Boarding Begins!

Once you say yes to the proposal, we send a contract and the initial invoice. Once both of those are handled the fun begins. You fill out some questionnaires, we review your assets and then, in about 7-10 days, we come back together to discuss our Strategic Vision for your brand. 

Your look + feel will be anchored by your Instagram Strategy. Why?  

Because over 79% of all consumers look on social media before making a purchase. And Instagram is the platform du jour for this type of word of mouth marketing.

Step Four

The Kick-Off Call

We run every campaign - organic and paid - on 21 day cycles in 90-day rounds. We’ve found this to be the most effective to achieve quick wins + long term gains. Once we’ve worked through the first week of content, and the first shoot if you’ve decided to add on video and photo content or if flat lay photography is part of your package, your Creative Content Lead sends over a link to your Content Dashboard so you can review all of our proposed content. The kick-off call is typically scheduled 1-2 business days after this content is sent to allow us to review and refine in real time. 

Step Five

Create, Curate + Recalibrate

Next, our Content Producers take the call feedback and begin the work of managing your first 21-day cycle. All content calendars are maintained on a 21-day cycle -- meaning that the last week of the month is focused on minimal effective doses of content, if any at all, while we review the results of your initial campaign to refine it for the next round. This is done every 21 days over the six month period, with paid campaigns getting a refresh every 90 days. 

Step Six

Strategic Campaigns for Continued Success

Every week, you get one-to-two weeks of content, paid ads and images to review. You’ll get weekly hours reports from our Client Dashboard to help you have an understanding of where your hours are being used and how many you have left for the duration of the contract term. We’ll also send you weekly updates with opportunities to join workshops at an in-house rate and you’ll be the first to know about any group programs for early bird pricing options. And if you want to add more creative content to your plan? We’ll give you an in-house rate for that too, usually 5%-15% under what new clients would be charged.