Paid Ads Management

Native Ads. Social Media Ads. Google Ads.

The buzzwords are thrown around and you’re completely lost. You know you want to drive traffic to your site, but how do you do it without breaking the bank? With 6boro Social’s support, that’s how!

This package is the perfect way to dip your toe into the waters when it comes to working with a creative digital agency. All creative digital agencies, and 6boro Social in particular, work in a very specific way to provide you with the best results possible

Paid Advertising refers to ads on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Native Ads (Outbrain and Taboola) and Influencer Marketing. 

This package includes: 

      • Two Ad Sets on One Platform - ad sets refer to the individuals you’ll be targeting with your ads. We select the best “gates” for your audience and present them to you. 

      • Four Ads Per Ad Set — this is part of our execution process and will be explained further if you decide to move forward with this option as it is very specific to you. The most important thing to understand? This includes images (curated or original, created by you or 6boro Social), copy for the ads and titles and descriptions as well as a review of your landing page, where you’ll be sending your potential customers and clients. 

      • Monthly Report: detailing the progress and results of all the campaigns

      • Meetings: Two monthly calls to review your account, via phone or Skype 

Total Investment: $2000 - $500 ad spend, $1500 management fee