As a Creative Digital Agency, our Team features individuals who specialize in many different fields. Our Art Director is also a Videographer. Our CEO can execute every, single service we offer. Our Graphic Artist can build social media content and emails, banners, billboards and more. Our Copywriters handle organic and paid copy.

The point? We are a team of multi-passionate individuals who focus on delivering the best solution possible for YOUR unique goals. That means that every price quoted in the packages below is an agency-rate. What does that mean? It means it is an hourly rate for the team. These packages are designed as an entry-level offering to help you get a feel for working with an agency and see what YOUR audience and market will respond to.

We provide custom quotes for most projects,
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Not sure what you’re looking for? Start with a simple consulting package of $200 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours to be used over 60-days.


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