Our Why

People start companies for all sorts of reasons. Here’s why our Founder created 6boro Social and how we’re working, as a team, to disrupt the agency model and create a better environment for creatives at all levels + stages.

Because when creatives are supported? The content they produce is better.

And we’ve got the case studies to prove it.

once upon a time, there was a girl who believed she could…

PSA - we have a full-fledged, Agency-formatted deck available here. This Value Proposition is part of our mission to disrupt but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to be “professional” as per the current constraints of the system. If you’d rather read that first, click here. If you’re curious about how you can go about infusing your business with a little personality, keep reading.

Ok, so where were we. Oh yes, there was a girl. A girl who wrote stories before she could run (literally) and who believed there was nothing better than working on Avenue of the Americas and going to Dean + DeLuca before rushing home to a fabulous West Village apartment with sweeping views of the city she loved so much.

And then this girl graduated college and realized that that dream is *literally* the stuff of fairytales and that if she was going to survive her corporate fairytale, she’d have to write her OWN happy ending.

She spent 6 years working at 5 different companies, in (slightly) different industries, gathering a tribe of strong women (and men!) who believed in a different world than the one they were currently faced with.


And then the hot, humid summer of 2015 hit. A summer like every other in New York City except different in every way…

Our Founder decided it was time to see if her idea could float. And in six weeks - starting Memorial Day weekend 2015 - she had matched her six-figure salary in annual contracts and found her freedom (read her book on the process here, on Amazon Kindle). Six months later? She hired her first Content Producer. The rest is, as they say, history.

6boro Social is based in Hoboken, NJ for two reasons, a) because of the Garden State Film and Digital Media Jobs Act Credit and b) because of the fact that growth is about understanding who you are is not related to where you’re physically located. This personal evolution has enabled our Founder + team to help our clients with bigger launches, bigger transitions and, in the process, yield bigger results (all about that here).

The Agency of the Future 

Ari Gold. Jason Antolotti. Don Draper. 

No matter who YOU think of when you hear the word “agency,” you probably have some preconceived notion of what it means. Who the players are and what is produced by the entity. 

Well, get ready to have your mind blown because 6boro Social was started to disrupt the Agency world and for the last four years, we’ve done that.

We have helped clients get 2000 followers a month, 150 leads in 15 days and create systems for long-term success.

Our clients come to us because they know how to do what they do best but they need help telling the world about it. 

This means that we do things a little differently. We have a team focused on execution, not on management of execution. Our Founder built this Agency by learning every single service we provide in the hallowed halls of ABC, NBC, Telepictures, Time Inc. and on Madison Avenue. It is because of this experience that our team focuses on execution over management of execution; of action over “big talk.” 

When you work with 6boro Social + 6boro Studios, in any capacity, you will always get a creative team focused on finding a solution to your problem by any means necessary. Not all of the services are in scope on every agreement, but we have the resources, the talent and strategic partnerships in the industry to make the necessary changes and find the “Vix” to every single problem in a strategic and creative way.

Team Structure

While we have a typical Director to Vice President to C-Suite structure, we have a bit of a unique structure for junior team members and account management. 

Every client - in every and any Agency engagement - from Influencer Marketing Program management to Monthly Marketing Management and Execution packages to Video + Photo Production - is assigned a Content Producer and Content Coordinator team. 

Strategic Vision

Every account and project has a Strategic Vision. This includes a look + feel for the brand, voice + tone, colors, fonts and “flow” of a digital content feed (usually, Instagram but we do this on ALL platforms!). This Strategic Vision is based on our new client on-boarding assessment that every client-side lead is asked to fill out when we start working together on a project or monthly engagement. Some of our packages include a delivery of this Strategic Vision Brand Book so be sure to ask on your Discovery Call if the package you’re considering includes this (invaluable!) document. 

Content Producer

At 6boro Social this is the person who is the final set of eyes on the content strategy and execution for a client. This person has the skill set of an Account Manager as well as the skill set of a graphic artist and copywriter. They work with the Creative + Art Directors on every account to ensure that the Strategic Vision plans are executed as planned and work with the client to ensure that any needs are met on both ends to create the best content possible. They also review weekly + monthly content calendars (individual posts per platform) that are sent to the client and communicate those edits with the client and with their Content Coordinator. 

Content Coordinator

Everyone who writes posts, edits photos, works with influencers and shares content starts as a Content Coordinator at 6boro Social. This person has the skill set of a Community Manager, Graphic Artist, Copywriter and Junior Strategist. They understand that it takes more than one good post to have a successful month and that every month must build on the next to have long-term success from social campaigns. They understand how to communicate with the communities they build + manage, and respect the “laws of the platforms” so that all content shared is unique, engaging and diverse. They write + schedule content on a weekly basis and are given the opportunity to contribute to the Strategic Vision plans every month and quarter as the team revises and refines these to align with client goals. 

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