This package is the perfect way to give your website a facelift without starting from scratch. This includes a review of your email marketing system as well and a welcome sequence for your new subscribers so it is a great compliment to the initial Paid Ads Management + Strategy.

Our team is well-versed in sites designed on Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress and can also manage sites built with Drupal. We work with every major email service provider (ESP) and can also provide you with a custom solution based on our 10+ years of marketing management. 

This package includes: 

      • Review of your site: to determine the most important optimizations

      • Two new landing pages: to help you accomplish your marketing goals

      • Update of Five Major Pages: Every website needs to have five major pages - homepage, about, services/products, contact us and testimonials/reviews. These pages will be reviewed and copy will get ONE round of updates. 

      • Review of Email Service Provider: We’ll discuss what you use your email list — of customers, clients, followers — for and how you can optimize this. We’ll give you one welcome sequence of three emails to support and nurture your new list members

      • Meetings: Two monthly calls to review your account, via phone or Skype 

Total Investment: $4500 paid in three installments over a 90-day period. Site builds take six-eight weeks and the additional time is included for revisions, updates and finalizations

We can provide custom proposals for website build-outs and site management, please email to schedule a consultation.


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